Why Double Glazing Benefits Your Home

If you haven’t had a quote for double glazing from window suppliers recently, you may assume it’s a very expensive undertaking and shrink from the cost of it. It’s true that often, good quality double glazed units represent a significant investment in your property. But they also bring a wealth of benefits that could actually save you money over time. If you’re unsure as to whether to take the plunge and splash out on double glazed windows, it’s well worth considering the benefits below.

Why Double Glazing Benefits Your Home

Better Insulation = Increased Energy Efficiency

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with either a vacuum or an inert gas between them. This provides a better barrier for your home against the cold getting in and the warmth escaping. Quality installation by experienced window fitters also reduces, if not eliminates entirely, draughts from entering your home. All that adds up to better heat retention inside, which means you no longer need to have the heating thermostat as high in winter. That helps reduce your energy bills, which is always welcome, as well as helping you maintain a warmer, more comfortable home. And if you opt for integrated blinds, these will further act as an insulating layer that helps keep you cosy in winter.

Reducing Noise Pollution

As well as keeping the cold out of your home, double glazing also reduces the amount of noise from the outside world. That includes traffic noise, the sounds of passers-by, workmen operating in the area…double glazing helps keep your home a haven of peace and calm. Of course, if you have noisy children or pets, or like to play your music turned up loud, double glazing will also help prevent that noise from escaping, so you won’t fall out with your neighbours!

More Reliable Security

Not only do replacement windows that are double glazed keep noise out, they can also keep intruders out too. Double glazed units are far harder to break into than single-glazed ones – the glass is tougher and the units are sealed on the outside so there’s no easy way for prospective burglars to prise them open. You can also speak to your double glazing installers about enhanced security options, like toughened glass and types of window locks. The security you get from double glazing offers better peace of mind.

Easy on the Eye and Easy Maintenance Too

uPVC windows may have looked tacky in the past, but technology has moved on. Today’s options are far more stylish and can be fitted to any profile, shape or size of window, so you don’t have to compromise on any architectural features your home has. uPVC and composite doors and windows are also available in a whole array of styles, with different textures and finishes, even down to woodgrain effects, so you can select a type that’s entirely unique to you and your home, or that doesn’t look out of place in your neighbourhood. 

Maintenance is extremely simple – no annual sanding, varnishing or painting, as you’d need to do to protect a wooden door or window frame from the elements. uPVC and composite windows and doors just need a simple wipe down from time to time to keep them looking as good as new. 

The last benefit of uPVC double glazed window installation is that it will actually add value to your property if you decide to sell up. Most buyers are interested in properties that offer energy-efficiency and double glazing is a great selling point. 

If you’d like to talk more about double glazing in Great Barr or across North Birmingham, contact Select Windows. In the business since 1993, we also design and install double glazed porches and conservatories, as well as offering window and door repairs, conservatory repairs and replacement uPVC fascias and soffits.


Double glazing in Great Barr

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