Are Conservatories a Worthwhile Investment For Your Home?

Nowadays, conservatories are a common sight across the UK. With developments in technology, what used to be a home improvement that was restricted to the rich is now far more affordable to many more people. But if you invest in a conservatory for your home, will it add value? The short answer is yes, provided you choose the right firm of double glazing installers from the outset. If you cut corners and hire a firm without the right credentials, it’s more likely to cost you money in the longer term to have things put right. 

But why are conservatories worth investing in? Here, we look at just some of the reasons and factors that may affect your choice of options if you do decide to go ahead.

Are Conservatories a Worthwhile Investment For Your Home

Extra Living Space and Enhancing the Quality of Your Life

It’s estimated that a good quality conservatory can add up to 5% to the value of your home. Prospective purchasers can see the potential instantly. But more than the financial value it can add, a conservatory can actually save you money! If your home no longer seems large enough, either in terms of living or storage space, then you can avoid the need to move house with all the expense that entails by extending your home outwards.

A conservatory can be put to all kinds of uses. Whether you want a larger dining room or a playroom for the children, a TV room or a covered part of the garden you can use for leisure or entertaining in cooler weather, or even a home office, a conservatory can be all these things and more.

Choosing the Right Firm for the Work

To ensure you get the best return on investment, however, it’s worth making certain you choose the right company to carry out the work. You should look for window fitters with plenty of experience in the field, and the right qualifications too. How the conservatory is constructed and glazed will make a huge difference to how you use it.

Poorly planned conservatories tend to be too hot to use in summer and freezing in winter, so you might not find it an appealing place to be! Speak to your double glazing installers about the type of glass they intend to fit and how insulated, not to mention thermally efficient, the structure will be when complete. Ask about ways to keep the space cool and shady in the summer months, such as incorporating integrated blinds.

If you’re commissioning a conservatory because you want extra storage space for your home, another consideration will be security. Double glazed windows tend to be more secure than single glazed ones within the home itself. However, you’ll want to check with your window suppliers that the door and window installation in your new conservatory has enhanced security features – you don’t want your new addition to compromise the overall security of your home.

Finally, design of the conservatory is often a matter of personal taste. However, most people will want the appearance of the extension to blend in with the style of the rest of the house. It’s a good idea to make sure the company you’re commissioning can show you examples of previous projects in similar styles and builds to the type you are looking for. 

At Select Windows of Birmingham, we have been designing and constructing conservatories, as well as carrying out conservatory repairs, across North Birmingham since 1993. We design and custom make conservatories to customers’ own unique specifications. Alongside this, we also supply and install new and replacement uPVC windows, fascias and soffits, uPVC and composite doors and double glazed porches. For all matters related to double glazing in Great Barr and beyond, contact us today.

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